For more than a decade, Lizan has worked as a host and moderator, using her irresistible charm to help audiences the world over to connect with her guests or bring attention to new topics.

Lizan knows the importance of keeping people engaged and interested and has had the opportunity to moderate events of all sizes, from rooms of 30 to venues with over 10,0000 people together, and all sorts of events; conferences, awards, product launches, panels, pitches, ceremonies, concerts, meetups, parties, sport events, trainings, coachings, seminars, webinars, fashion shows and more. Lizan is always perfectly prepared, structured and wants to bring a perfect experience to the audiences and organizers.


Lizan has always strived to use her influence to provide a platform for the causes and organizations she believes can have a positive impact on the world. She has selected and partnered up with institutions that share her feelings for innovation and social change, and sustainability. Lizan is a woman of strong moral values and supports the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.


Lizan is passionate and knowledgeable about start-ups, entrepreneurship, digitalization, technology, innovation, and sustainability. Her business ventures and humanitarian work have made her ideally suited to speak about her experiences and she has been invited numerous times to serve as a speaker to inspire and educate the public.

Lizan has a knack for turning complex tasks and challenging situations into success stories. She combines a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a fresh innovative point-of-view with a structured and process-oriented approach. Lizan has built companies from the ground up, led projects and teams on a global scale, and has thrived in the difficult and unpredictable Asian market.